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Since 2003, we have invested in a broad array of businesses in a variety of different sectors including software, digital media, information services, business services and outsourcing.

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Digital Theatre is the world’s leading digital Performing Arts education platform. It provides unlimited access to some of the world’s finest productions, unique backstage insights, practitioner interviews and written analysis.

Business situation

Digital Theatre was brought to us by an advisor at a challenging time in its development when the business was struggling to grow and its cash reserves were running out.


We believed the business still had tremendous potential and in September 2015, we acquired Digital Theatre and began working with the management team to build a new model for growth, pivoting to focus on the education market opportunity. Now just 3 years later, Digital Theatre’s revenue is up by 55% y-o-y and has a user base of 3 million students in 1700 academic institutions across 80+ countries.