Drum Cussac Releases 2019 Global Risk Map Whitepaper

Drum Cussac has released its new thought-leadership whitepaper under the title ‘2019 Risk Map – A forecast and analysis of global risk for 2019’.

The whitepaper provides insight into the potential regional and global threats that may impact organisations and businesses in the coming year and offers in-depth analysis directly from Drum Cussac’s in-house Intelligence and Analysis Services (IAS) team.

The IAS team is comprised of experts who possess years of expertise in different global regions, specifically: Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, the Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

With such valuable insights on offer, the whitepaper is expected to prove a hit with both clients and prospects alike as such intelligence is of massive value to organisations of any size – helping to improve their global situational awareness as well as prepare for and mitigate potentially people and profit-threatening scenarios ahead of time.

The 2019 Risk Map is the latest of Drum Cussac’s monthly thought-leadership whitepapers, following on from October’s ‘Duty of Care for International Business Travellers’ and preceding December’s ‘The Future of Risk’.

The whitepaper is available for free download here.