Drum Cussac Releases Scholastic white paper

Drum Cussac have released their new Scholastic white paper, which explores the challenges facing travelling students and staff of higher education institutions.

The white paper provides expert insight into the difficulties university admin teams face when trying to fulfil their duty of care towards travelling students, the risks that the travelling students and staff may encounter and how Drum Cussac can help educational institutions improve their risk management strategy.

With detailed analysis and in-depth case studies from clients already using Drum Cussac’s platform, the white paper is expected to be an invaluable resource for both clients and prospects alike. Such intelligence is of immense value to all univserities and will help to improve their understanding of how to effectively monitor and manage the safety of travellers.

The Scholastic white paper is the second instalment of Drum Cussac’s quarterly thought-leadership white papers and is essential reading for higher education institutions looking to implement or improve a risk management strategy.

The whitepaper is available for free download here.