Drum Cussac Releases Future of Risk Whitepaper

Drum Cussac has released its new thought-leadership whitepaper under the title ‘Future of Risk’.

The whitepaper provides expert insight into the future of organisational security, the growing importance of managing mental and physical risks, the unforeseen, long-term risks of a globally mobile workforce and how risk management technology is set to develop.

The contributing authors are all industry thought leaders, in-house experts or security professionals who have shared their expertise on the challenges set to face the management of organisational risk in the coming years.

With industry leading expertise on offer, the whitepaper is expected to be an invaluable resource for both clients and prospects alike as such intelligence is of immense value to organisations of any size – helping to improve their understanding of the challenges associated with risk management as well as how the process could improve in the future.

The ‘Future of Risk’ is the first instalment of Drum Cussac’s quarterly thought-leadership whitepapers and is essential reading for organisations looking to implement or improve a risk management strategy.

The whitepaper is available for free download here.