Drum Cussac release Global Risk and Security Trends 2019 white paper

For the second year running, Drum Cussac have pulled together an in-depth risk and security analysis of the year so far using cutting-edge technology and in-house expertise.

Understand the potential risks to your people and organisation right now

Drum Cussac has used every risk alert sent in the first six months of this year on market-leading risk and security intelligence platform, GlobalRiskManager, to identify key global risk and security trends. All so you can make informed decisions when it comes to managing employees abroad and organisational growth. 

Crucial analysis on global events and trends

Want to know the risks associated with Brexit? The impact of the Hong Kong demonstrations on the region? Delve into key events that have taken place this year and affected the risk and security landscape. Understand how it could affect your organisation and your people – and what precautions you need to take to ensure their safety. 

Who's this white paper for?

Organisations now have a moral and legal duty of care to their employees and business travellers. This means they must take all reasonable steps to maintain their well-being, safety and security with a travel risk management programme.

While threats can never be eliminated 100%, you can still safeguard your people and fulfil your obligations by taking appropriate measures based on an accurate calculation of risk.

This white paper can be crucial for anyone managing risk for their organisation, or the welfare of their employees. 

  • Risk or security managers
  • Travel managers
  • HR/Legal